Many thanks to all the contributors who actively participated in producing and documenting the results of this edition.

Management and testbed setup

Management and test planning:

  • Amadeus Alfa
  • Juliusz Chroboczek

Testbed setup and routers flashing:

  • Amadeus Alfa
  • Federico Capoano
  • Goran Mahovlić
  • Tomislava
  • Dario Stelitano
  • Riccardo Bloise

Test and graph scripting

  • Henning Rogge (test scripts)
  • Thijs Van Veen (test scripts)
  • Matthieu Boutier (graph scripts)

(The mesh of death adversity, The crossed streams jeopardy)

Flent tests

  • Toke Høiland-Jørgensen

(Blowing up the network test)

Web site and documentation

  • Federico Capoano
  • Matthieu Boutier
  • Thijs Van Veen

All contributions (with more details)

may be incomplete, feel free to send pull requests with additional names.

  • Amadeus Alfa: test management and overview
  • Antonio Quartulli: configuration and debugging
  • Axel Neumann: configuration
  • Dario Stelitano: flashing and configuration
  • Dave Täht: configuration and testing of minstrel-variance patches
  • Federico Capoano: flashing, configuration and documentation
  • Goran Mahovlić: flashing and configuration
  • Henning Rogge: configuration, debugging and test scripts
  • Juliusz Chroboczek: configuration and test planning
  • Matthieu Boutier: data analysis and graph generation
  • Marek Lindner: configuration and debugging
  • Riccardo Bloise: flashing, configuration and debugging
  • Simon Wunderlich: configuration and debugging
  • Sven Eckelmann: debugging wifi driver bug
  • Thijs Van Veen: test scripts
  • Toke Høiland-Jørgensen: Blowing up the network test (test, scripts and graphs)

Article written by Federico Capoano, Matthieu Boutier.